The Wire


Below The Radar 16

Track 7

"La Vague"

7" split with Hedoromeruhen and Alkbazz

Artist statement:

"H is planet ((77, summits n Island more lately ((FR, CH, UK
She practices mesmerizing audio gestures ((ceremony shell and other secrets
And composes tales/\\/poems, abstract sound ritualism, dream musique de peur
Space 4D - sword - souls - levitation. Enter the pyramid, dive to the depths: light/\void
Meta* * * ▲* * * *LIMBOlimbo, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon

At the moment she is working on a romantic noise LP, variation of "Circea" and she will publish the first excerpt "La Vague" on a 7" split with Hedoromeruhen and Alkbazz on Le Petit Mignon.

Since 2011, Héloïse and Olmo co-run ZAMZAMREC, the nerd constellation, superfutur tape label based in Bristol and devoted to exploratory music.
They invite multiple and diverse 'noisu' creatures from here and there to join the zamzamzone. They publish cassettes and offer to alles a numeric space, ad lib. totem, where they make appear infinite data, magic symbols, words, sound, drawings, videos, pictures, links, etc.

In January 2013 and in collaboration with Greasytrucker, they also took up the F.A.G-studios, labyrinth of practice rooms filled with amps and cymbals and started to organize radio shows ((small rad gigs recorded, live broadcasted and archived on the Internet. Anthroprophh, the genius guitarist of the Heads and Ross >Bumtapes are the resident dj's and the program goes along with soloists on tour. They also correspond with loads of labels, record shops, concert places, radio programs, all over Europe and Americas, taking care of the good circulation of all kind of sonorous researches, delight and information.

Next levels = RAVE n TAPE, adventure tours, music transmutation... "