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Below The Radar 17

Track 2

"Cow Heart Pin"

From the forthcoming release Ealing Feeder

Artist statement:

This track is inspired by a report in Edward Lovett's Magic In Modern London (1925). In it, Lovett describes a London dairyman who sticks pins into a desiccated cow's heart to curse a rival. The lyrics are adapted from some Anglo Saxon cunning magic: a metrical charm to bring back lost cattle. The metallic sounds have been composed from my close mic recordings of pins and nails dropping onto ceramic tiles. Thanks to David Bramwell of Oddfellows Casino for providing the vocal line.

"Cow Heart Pin" will be appearing on Ealing Feeder, my first solo album, which will be out in early October. The album is a love letter to London, one which relishes ancient and modern stories from the city which get under my skin. The words Ealing Feeder are lifted from the control room of Battersea Power Station where feeders were used to send power to the various boroughs of the city.