The Wire


Below The Radar 18

Track 11

Sofia Jernberg photographed by Massimo Leardini

"Tie Me Swiftly"


Oslo-based vocalist, composer and member of the Scandinavian super ensemble Fire! Orchestra, Sofia Jernberg's track "Tie Me Swiftly" is from a forthcoming release on Unsounds records.

Andy Moor - tenor guitar
Clayton Thomas - bass
Steve Heather - drums
Sofia Jernberg - voice

Lyrics by Steve Heather
"tie me swiftly
soft overhand
with care and entwined

the quick release enlaces us
slip then bears on

we writhe in one handed running
and then
dancing double
the chain twist
seeking heightened perfection

her crown daisy
his hunter´s slim lace snarl

all bright blood diamonds
sweeter than sweet
natural life like and embracing"