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Below The Radar 22

Track 10

Photo by Bradley Buehring


From Forthcoming

“Cavewoman” is taken from Áine O'Dwyer’s forthcoming new album on the MIE Music label. The album was recorded during summer solstice on 21 June 2015, when O’Dwyer was artist in residence at Brunel University in Rotherhithe, London. More accurately, she made it 13 metres underground inside the Brunel tunnel shaft. “It was a sunny day but the light barely reached through the square shaped oculus of the shaft ceiling,” says O’Dwyer, recalling the experience of recording inside a sunken space, with a 15 metre radius inside its one metre thick walls. “I enjoyed the absurdity of being in the half darkness on this occasion and alone in a subterranean world, as if waiting for the light to reach its peak and summon a primordial sign. In fact, it did. I remember noticing, for the first time, a triangular shaped light which appeared against the wall of the shaft that day. Later, it reminded me of William Blake's Ancient days – a depiction of Urizen separating light and darkness. I had found a mystic cave in an urban field. Listening inside Brunel’s sunken cavern, the sound of the outside world is captured and filtered by a sweet decay, and then the phantoms emerge. Nobody can escape its allure.”