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Below The Radar 23

Track 12

"Waltz Me, Trust Me" (Player Organ Version)


Recorded live at Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, Felix Kubin’s composition “Waltz Me, Trust Me” launches The New Alphabet series of player piano works recorded with Boesendorfer, Vienna, and released on vinyl by Care In The Community. The series takes its inspiration from Conlon Nancarrow’s foreshadowing of computer music in his approach to player piano as a programmable instrument, freeing the composer from the restrictions of physical performance. This player organ version for download is an arrangement of the piece by Melle Weijters for the 31-tone equal-tempered organ, designed by physicist and musician Adriaan Fokker and installed at the Huygens-Fokker Foundation, centre for microtonal music, Amsterdam. A further version for percussion, arranged and performed by Pekala Kordylasinska Pekala, will be available on the B side of the forthcoming 7" vinyl release.

Courtesy of Care In The Community Recordings and with special thanks to the Huygens-Fokker Foundation, Amsterdam (NL).