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Below The Radar 29

Track 7


"LEVIN B w/ Dodgelodge - Gravey MILKS TOI TRUTH"

From Prosegur

Bad@Math’s “conjoined hearings” began In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Other essential co-ordinates of their development being Lisbon, London, Manchester and Bridgend. In collision, they declare, they “incorporate anyone who slips under the symbolic legibility of identitarian calibration” into their ‘hybrid face-shifting sound talks”. Anyone may become Bad@Maths: the use of masks allows them to eliminate face value obstructions.
Bad@Maths is a project dedicated to unsolving corporate formulas tackling the nerve endings of users as listeners. Their performative intensity is materialised through sticks, keyboards and mutated recordings. Voice is the elementary glue and catalyst for all the lay-by tools they incorporate. Their sound is “a dark mass of unquantified, unqualified elation, a delimited conglomeration of loose beat slap-stick poetic horror”.