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Below The Radar 30

Track 14

Image courtesy of Palenque Records

"Ofelia" (Cerrero Dub Mix)


"The first decades of the 20th century witnessed important sonic migrations for the Afro sound in Colombia,” says Lucas Silva from Palenque Records. “Sugar cane farmers from Cuba and Jamaica came to the Caribbean and Pacific coast regions of the country to work in the plantations and brought with them rhythms such as changui and son. Locals from pure Afro-descendant towns such as San Basilio ri Palenge quickly learned and transformed those rhythms, injecting their own flavour coming from powerful musical expressions such as lumbalú and pajarito to create a new sound. El Sexteto Tabalá is known as the leading band preserving and playing this ‘Sexteto’ style aroused from a culture clash in which different roots from the African diaspora came together in the southern region of Cartagena-Colombia."

This second volume of the collaboration between Palenque Records and Llorona Records presents the classic tune “Ofelia” by El Sexteto Tabalá revisited in a deep dub version by Cerrero and guest trumpet player El ‘León’ Párdo. Exploring a new dimension of the Afro-Colombian sound, this take on the original recording delves beyond party fever into a more contemplative ritual sound.