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Below The Radar 30

Track 4

Angel Bat Dawid. Photo by Lyndon French

"Peppa Ma Soul" (excerpt)

Previously unreleased

“This was at a show we did a few weeks ago,” explained Bat Dawid over email in March 2019. “It was quite a special night. Improvisation is a huge part of what we do and this song came forth during a very sorrowful time for us because the day before a dear friend of ours, Salik Zayid – an influential and young composer/vocalist and member of AACM – passed away unexpectedly. So we were all pretty tow up inside, and this show came right on time for our spirits. This music we do is connected to a story and a vibration. It's not entertainment its Inner-attainment!”

Recorded and mixed live at Cafe Mustache in Chicago, 13 February 2019 by Corey Lyons