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Below The Radar Special Edition: Polish Radio Experimental Studio (1957–2003)

Track 12

Arne Nordheim. Photo by Lisbeth Risnes

Arne Nordheim

"Ode To Light" (excerpt, 1968)

Arne Nordheim is regarded as one of the most influential Norwegian composers of his generation. Born in Larvik on 20 June 1931, he died in Oslo on 5 June 2010. After studying organ and music theory in Oslo, in the mid-1950s Nordheim turned his attention to composition and electronic music. From 1955–72, he worked with Polish Radio Experimental Studio in Warsaw. From the beginning of the 1960s, he focused on electroacoustic music. During a later period, Nordheim composed mainly for small ensembles of instruments and tape, or for expanded orchestra, attaching particular importance to colouristic and expressionistic elements. He was also a music critic.