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Below The Radar Special Edition: Polish Radio Experimental Studio (1957–2003)

Track 5

Boguslaw Schaeffer. Photo by Andrzej Rybczyński

Bogusław Schaeffer

"Heraklitiana" (excerpt, 1970)

Bogusław Schaeffer is a composer, musicologist, playwright, graphic artist and professor. Born on 6 June 1929 in Lwów (now Lviv, Ukraine), he has more than 550 works to his credit spread across 23 different musical genres, and his 44 plays have been translated into 17 languages. His works have been performed to great acclaim at home and abroad. After completing his studies in Opole and Kraków, Schaeffer started composing while continuing his scholarly work in musicology, working for various music publications as well as for Polish Radio in Kraków. He began collaborating with Polish Radio Experimental Studio in Warsaw in 1965, during which period he wrote his electronic compositions. Schaeffer is considered a controversial figure by many for the way his experimental approach to both music and musical notation led to his explorations of new areas of sound, even as he was spreading his reach into drama, graphic design and other disciplines.