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Below The Radar Special Edition: Polish Radio Experimental Studio (1957–2003)

Track 6

PRES Studio. Photo by Andrzej Zborksi

Bohdan Mazurek

"Esperienza" (1968)

Bohdan Mazurek was a composer, sound director and educator associated with the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. He was born in Warsaw on 20 December 1937 and died in May 2014. In 1962, Mazurek began working at the Polish Radio Experimental Studio as a sound director, composer, performer and producer, the latter role in which he helped a wide range of well-known composers realise their electroacoustic and electronic pieces. Mazurek left the Experimental Studio in rather dramatic circumstances. In January 2008, on the occasion of the Studio’s 50th anniversary, he was awarded a diploma for his special contribution to its development along with his own creative achievements. It ended up being the institution’s only sign of appreciation for his 40 year career at the Studio.