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Below The Radar Special Edition: SHAPE Platform 2017

Track 9

Thomas Ankersmit. Photo by Alex Inglizian

"Homage To Dick Raaijmakers" (excerpt)

Born in the Netherlands in 1979, musician and composer Thomas Ankersmit is now based in Berlin. His longterm collaborations include work with New York minimalist Phill Niblock and Italian composer Valerio Tricoli. Since 2006 his main instrument, both live and in the studio, has been the Serge Modular synthesizer. Acoustic phenomena such as sound reflections, infrasonic vibration, otoacoustic emissions and highly directional projections of sound play a central role in his work. His music is also characterised by a deliberate misuse of equipment, using feedback and disruptions to the signal, as well as extremes of frequency and dynamics.