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Below The Radar Special Edition: Zikro - Advanced Music From Ukraine

Track 10


Ujif_notfound is a media project founded in 2008 and based in Kiev. Its main activity is the creation of multimedia systems based on algorithms of the kinetic relationship between human and program. Its performances are based on the generation of audio and visual streams in real time. By controlling the prewritten programs (patches), Ujif_notfound creates a unique audio-visual space, which exists only during that performance, and which is impossible to repeat exactly. This approach has a broad functional application for creating installations of interactive media in both physical and virtual spaces.

Ujif_notfound's works include: ::::::RECT_struct::::::, a series of pieces based on the study of a rectangular oscillator's intersection with video interpretation; Bootstrap Algorithm Scores For Orchestra (BAS For Orchestra), a project developed in collaboration with the Kiev media artist V4.ENKO and Alla Zagaykevych, a teacher of music and information technology at the Kiev Conservatory (it was presented in 2011 at the festival EM-VISIA); ALGORITHMORGANISM, an audio-visual installation of self-generating audio and video streams for four projections, established jointly with V4.ENKO; and Practice Of Strings, a 2012 audio-visual installation shown at festivals in Ukraine and Beijing.