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Below The Radar Special Edition: Zikro - Advanced Music From Ukraine

Track 11

"Piano Ghost"

Oleg Shpudeiko is a composer and performer from Kiev. He started producing music in 2003 under the name Heinali. His sound is stylistically eclectic, though many of his compositions are electroacoustic and often incorporate sound processing methods and techniques. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Soloma art group, composing music for art installations and performances. Heinali’s debut album, 67 Breaths, was released in 2011 on Arlen and combined symphonic music and electronics. This was followed in 2012 by Air on Fluttery Records, which contained minimalist chamber compositions for piano, strings and field recordings. In the same year two CDs, Conjoined and Ain’t No Night, combining spoken word and amplified guitar, were released on Paradigms Recordings in collaboration with US poet Matt Finney. Heinali’s music has also been released by Heat Death, Futuresequence, The Future Elements, Dedicated, Sentimony, Catalogue Of Wonders, Don’t Panic, Breathe, Pronounce and Pincet.

In 2013 Shpudeiko formed the Blook duo with composer Alexey Shmurak. He also composes music for films, commercials and games, and has collaborated with photographer Olia Pischanska.