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Below The Radar Special Edition: Zikro - Advanced Music From Ukraine

Track 6

"Wurawel Laus"

Artist statement:

White Blood Blue Bones is ex-Moglass.

And here by the way give us leave to remark, that the Scriptures mention divers Men banished to eternal torments; whereas we nowhere read of any woman damn'd. But to proceed; Nature herself gives a suffrage to our assertion; for in all her productions, when anything is to be framed more excellent than ordinary, she makes it a Female. Thus the Eagle, the noblest of birds, and Queen of all the winged troops, is never found a Male. And the wondrous Phoenix (to which the World is too poor to yield a mate) is related by the Egyptians to be ever of the female sex. But on the contrary, The King of Serpents, whom they call the Basilisk, the most mortal of all poisons, is always, and cannot but be a male, as the more proper receptacle of venome and destructive qualities. Whereas the excellence and innocence of this other sweet-natur'd sex, which we here recommend, is hence abundantly manifest, in that all those black crimes and crying enormities which incense Heaven, and infest Earth, derive their pedigree from men.