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The Wire Tapper 28

Track 1

Bader Motor

"Bader Sontag"

From Grautag

(Les Disques En Rotin Réunis/Grautag Records)

Bader Motor is an occasional group featuring Arnaud Maguet, Vincent Epplay and Fred Bigot. They first brought their mysterious and individual attributes together in 2008, releasing a swell of psychedelic space music and ‘riviera Krautrock’. After their first album about psychoactive plants (Musique Pour 
Les Plantes Des Dieux) on Maguet’s 
label Les Disques En Rotin Réunis, Bader Motor set the first concrete block in 
the foundations of a new label with Grautag. It’s music for pot plants – 
yuccas, rubber plants and fig trees; 
the kind of plants that grow in waiting rooms under fluorescent tube suns amid forest-printed wallpaper.