The Wire


The Wire Tapper 40

Track 15

Sparkle in Grey

"Minka Minka"

From راديو إزداغ (Brahim Izdag)

(Grey Sparkle)

For the past ten years Sparkle in Grey have been conducting electronic and rock music experiments at their homebase in Milan, Italy. Their latest music is constructed from samples, melodies, rhythms and voices sourced from places such as Dakar, Kiev, Tripoli, Denpasar, Tashkent and Beijing (with Yan Jun featuring as guest vocalist). Mixed by Giuseppe Ielasi, their new album إزداغ راديو is named after a Moroccan skier who made a disastrous yet heroic appearance at the Winter Olympics of 1992. It follows a split album Sparkle in Grey shared with the US industrial unit Controlled Bleeding.