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The Wire Tapper 50 Bonus Disc

Track 14

Rhys Chatham. Photo by Sébastien Agnetti

"Hard Edge"

From Hard Edge

Rhys Chatham’s composed pieces for multiple electric guitars in the 1970s and 80s were cut from similar cloth as the works of Glenn Branca (although stitched together with threads picked up from his earlier associations with La Monte Young, Jon Hassell, Terry Riley and Tony Conrad). Now resident in Paris, he has been rediscovering trumpet – his first instrument – and bolting on an array of electronic effects to create the kind of exhilarating live electronica found on the two Ninja Tune EPs Neon (with Martin Wheeler) and Septile. On this session for the second release on The Wire’s Wire Editions label we hooked Rhys up with some of London’s most fiery and dynamic improvisors: ‘stereo guitarist’ Gary Smith, keyboardist/sampler Pat Thomas, bassist Gary Jeff and drummer Lou Ciccotelli. Taken from The Wire Tapper 2, issue 177, November 1998.