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The Wire Tapper 50 Bonus Disc

Track 17

Cédric Stevens

"The Siamese Level (Wire Tapper Edit)"

From The Syncopated Elevators Legacy

Belgian Cédric Stevens began as a DJ and Techno producer in 1993. As Acid Kirk, he produced more than a dozen 12"s and EPs. In 1997 he launched Syncopated Elevators Legacy (SEL), which allowed him to explore a more ambitious sound beyond repetitive beats with homemade modular systems. This solo track is taken from an anthology spanning 1997–2005, which includes previously unreleased material plus remixes from Fennesz, Leyland Kirby, My Cat Is An Alien, Burning Star Core, Sylvain Chauveau and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. Taken from The Wire Tapper 29, issue 341, July 2012.