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The Wire Tapper 50 Bonus Disc

Track 9

John 3:16

"Into The Abyss (Wire Tapper edit)"

From Ten

JOHN 3:16 is the guise of Philippe Gerber, formerly one third of the London based trio Heat From A DeadStar (2004–09), who became the first non-US band to be signed by Rick Harte’s Boston based Ace Of Hearts Records. As JOHN 3:16, Gerber’s music has been released by Alrealon Musique, Flood Records, 75orLess, White Label Music and more. Gerber has collaborated with the likes of Oxbow’s vocalist Eugene S Robinson, Pas Musique, Philippe Petit, I-Symptom, Peter Webber and Mark Harris. Taken from The Wire Tapper 47, issue 414, August 2018.