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Joan La Barbara MP3s

February 2009

Listen to a couple of tracks by Joan La Barbara

Hear two tracks by Joan La Barbara. Explanatory liner notes by Joan La Barbara from the CDs are reproduced below.

'ShadowSong (1979)'
from Sound Paintings (Lovely Music Ltd)
ShadowSong is a psychological study, a threshold experience where concentration is interrupted by shadows at the outer edges of vision and memories on the periphery of thought. These take the form of indistinguishable words floating by and ominous melodies. These shadow-memories compound with resolute persistence until one confronts the decision to go into the shadows or resist them. ShadowSong was composed in Ampleforth, England, recorded in Berlin, premiered in Paris and remixed in New York.
Original production Radio RIAS Berlin, September 19, 1979.

from Voice Is The Original Instrument (Lovely Music Ltd)
Twelvesong was commissioned by and recorded at Radio Bremen, produced by Hans Otte. It was the first of my “sound paintings”, a sonic fabric which reveals itself over its twelve minute duration much as a painting is experienced: one takes in the whole and gradually, over time, notices more intricate detail. I placed the sounds onto tape much as a painter adds certain colors, gestures and strokes. I experience much of my vocal material visually before and as I produce the sounds, and many of my scores consist of or contain graphic elements.

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