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Listen: Gazelle Twin track

September 2014

Listen to a track from Elizabeth Bernholz aka Gazelle Twin's Unflesh album. Bernholz is interviewed by Adam Harper in The Wire 368.

Bernholz discusses her new album, Unflesh with Adam Harper in The Wire 368: “I was interested in recording myself to give the impression of the listener being internalised. The mic is always very close for the main vocals, so much so that you can often hear my saliva as words form. There’s very little acoustic element to the vocals – it’s all very much in your ear. Or in your face... There’s a constant element of breath-based percussion and gasps which helps get across a sense of anxiety – which is usually experienced in the mouth, throat and chest.”

Gazelle Twin’s Unflesh is released by Anti Ghost Moon Ray. She's touring the UK through October.


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