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Listen: unreleased :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project tracks

October 2014

Listen to two unreleased tracks by ZFAMP, a collaboration between Tyneside's industrial pioneers :zoviet*france: and Illinois found sound manipulators Fossil Aerosol Mining Project

Robert Barry reviews ZFAMP's Patina Pooling in The Wire 369: ":zoviet*france: long ago left behind the sense of techgnostic ritual and industrial jam band tactics that characterised some of their first releases. And yet some sounds here – rustlings, gurglings, heaving drones, and juddering attacks – recall their very earliest work... The textures are more precisely articulated, more carefully arranged, but texture remains the thing, and the unease evoked has more than a family resemblance to that of 1982’s Garista or 1984’s Eostre. Their US collaborators on this record are kindred spirits, and the half-buried fragments of disinterred tapes they weave in and out of :zoviet*france:’s electroacoustic weft adds depth and dirt in equal measure. It’s a spooky archaeology beneath an already radical geography."

ZFAMP's Patina Pooling is out on alt.vinyl. :zoviet*france: play Cafe Oto on 30 October alongside White Family and Rhodri Davies as part of alt.vinyl's 10th birthday celebrations.

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