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Listen: Noveller track

January 2015

Stream a track from Noveller's new Fantastic Planet album

Marc Masters reviews Sarah Lipstate aka Noveller's recent Fantastic Planet album in The Wire 371: "Lipstate has instilled boldness into a guitar style that once came off as tentative, and the result of that unshackling is a palpable confidence. On Fantastic Planet, this poise is crucial, since she makes a lot of moves that could easily sound generic were they not handled resolutely. Her glistening, mirrorball guitar generates tone waves that threaten to vanish into vague mist, but instead they have a gathering force. The bouncing notes of “Sisters” feel at first like some kind of absurdist parody of modular synth music, but as Lipstate leans into her repetitions, they attain a gravity that’s oddly moving."

Fantastic Planet is out on Fire Records


washy electric keyboards midi sketch safe safe safe

One of the best records of the year. Discerning ears are in for so many treats with this !

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