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Gallery: Photos from the AMM archive

November 2015

“It had been an ordinary enough day in Pueblo Colorado” session with Keith Rowe, 1979

AMM: (from left) Lou Gare, Eddie Prévost, Rowe, May 1989

AMM in Melody Maker, 1966

Cornelius Cardew (left) and Prévost, Langtry Road, London, 1968. Prévost explains, “Langtry Road was a studio we shared with a writer, David Benedictus. It was a rehearsal space for us and also acted as a stopover for some visiting musicians. Notably, Morton Feldman.” Photo by Frazer Pearce.

Prévost, Langtry Road, London, 1968. Photo by Frazer Pearce.

Langtry Road, 1968. Photo by Frazer Pearce.

Langtry Road, 1968. Photo by Frazer Pearce.

Langtry Road, 1968. Photo by Frazer Pearce.

Langtry Road, 1968. Photo by Frazer Pearce.

"Four Seconds with the Eddie Prévost Trio", MAC, Birmingham, 1990. Photo by Reg Evans.

AMM III press photo: Prévost (left) and Rowe

Rowe, undated

Prévost, May 1989

Mid-1980s AMM: (from left) Gare, Rowe, John Tilbury, Prévost, Rohan de Saram

In Germany, 1971: (from left) Christopher Hobbs, Gare, Rowe, Cardew

In Pisa, Italy, mid-1980s: (from left) Prévost, Tilbury, Rowe

Prévost, seated, performing with AMM at one of a series of geodesic pavilions erected in various parks around the Midlands, June 1969

Cardew, June 1969

Repairing a puncture, US tour, early 1980s

Take a look at some of the photographs on display at the AMM archive exhibition taking place as part of this year's edition of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Huddersfield Contemporay Music Festival has given us a sneak peak at some of the photos that will be on display in its special AMM 50th anniversary programme. AMM: The Inexhaustible Document Exhibition will take place at Heritage Quay between 21–29 November and consists of photographs, rare posters, memories and reflections provided by members of AMM. It will also feature AMM's own vintage wine label.

HCMF takes place from 20–29 November at various venues in Huddersfield. Other AMM events include a rare performance reuniting the AMM trio of John Tilbury, Keith Rowe and Eddie Prévost; The Wire contributor Philip Clark conducting an onstage conversation with Prévost; David Toop hosting a talk about the collective; and an improvisation workshop fronted by Prévost. More information on this, and the other non-AMM events, can be found on HCMF website.


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