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Andrey Smirnov

Off The Page 2012: Andrei Smirnov: Sound In Z: The Electrification of the Soviet Soundscape

April 2012

The director of the Theremin Centre in Moscow presents a talk on early Soviet electronic music.

Sound In Z relates the astonishing early history of Russian electronic music. Written by Andrei Smirnov, director of the Theremin Centre at Moscow State Conservatory, the book's heroes include Arseny Avraamov, inventor of Graphic Sound and a 48-note scale; pioneering film maker Dziga Vertov, director of the Laboratory of Hearing and the Symphony of Noises; Vladimir Popov, inventor of Noise Orchestras and Sound Machines; Leon Theremin, inventor of the world's first electronic instrument, and others whose dreams of electronic sound and multimedia were cut short by Stalin's regime.

For Off The Page, Andrei gave an illustrated talk drawing on the book's mining of materials from various Moscow archives, much of which has not been seen or heard before in the West, but which throws new light on the early history of electronic music and sound art.

The Wire and Sound And Music's Off The Page festival took place 24–26 February at The Playhouse Theatre in Whitstable.

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