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The Bohman Brothers

Off The Page 2012: The Bohman Brothers and Patrizia Paolini

April 2012

The final (and only) performance at the 2012 edition of Off The Page, by Adam and Jonathan Bohman, joined by Patrizia Paolini.

For more than two decades Adam and Jonathan Bohman have been inhabiting a uniquely messy soundworld, one which contains traces of Fluxus hi-jinks, musique concrète and sound poetry but which ultimately is far stranger and more arcane than the sum of its many parts. Over the years, the brothers have come to be celebrated as the leading exponents of a very English form of domestic kitchen sink absurdism.

For Off The Page's closing event, they were joined by Patrizia Paolini, self-styled "writer, performer, cabaret artist, stand-up comedian, poet, cook, pin-up, female Sean Penn and experimental musician", for a vocal performance exploring music writing in its many forms.

The Wire and Sound And Music's Off The Page festival took place 24–26 February at The Playhouse Theatre in Whitstable.

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