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Stephen Thrower & Ossian Brown (L-R) © Ruth Bayer

CTM 2014: Cyclobe's Stephen Thrower

March 2014

Audio and video from Mark Pilkington's talk with Cyclobe's Stephen Thrower on live performance and Xenakis as cure for a bad trip.

Cyclobe is the project of Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown, former members of influential British industrial outfit, Coil, whose influence is conducted deeper into the subterranean and strange.

The duo were joined on stage in Berlin by a raft of musicians with various instruments including bagpipes, gongs and hurfy gurdys. The day after their show Stephen Thrower talked to Strange Attractor's Mark Pilkington about Cyclobe's processes and genesis, plus the horror of drug induced normality, and their first few live performances.

The talk was recorded at the 2014 edition of CTM festival in Berlin, hosted by Strange Attractor's Mark Pilkington.

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