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King Ayisoba

Listen: King Ayisoba tracks

August 2014

Stream a selection of tracks from Ghanaian singer and kologo player King Ayisoba's Wicked Leaders album, reviewed in The Wire 367

Ian Nagoski reviews King Ayisoba's Wicked Leaders in The Wire 367: "A native of north eastern Ghana, King Ayisoba started learning the two-string lute, the kologo, as a small child from his traditional healer grandfather. A prodigy, he moved to Accra where, after years of struggle, he was discovered and wound up with a 2006 hit titled “I Want To See You, My Father”. Anomalously, the song was not hip life, highlife or hiphop, but a song in traditional, rural style. Fame and respect in Ghana brought him to the attention of Arnold De Boer, singer and guitarist for the Dutch group The Ex, who subsequently released King Ayisoba’s Modern Ghanaians, a compilation of tracks from Ghanaian releases, and brought him to tour Europe."

Also: watch King Ayisoba performing "Asa'ale Daandera" live at Aalborg, Denmark's 1000Fryd venue

Wicked Leaders is out now on Makkum Records


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