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Mark Pilkington

Off The Page 2012: Mark Pilkington: From the Akashic Jukebox: Magic and Music in Britain, 1888-1978

April 2012

The founder of Strange Attractor Press gives a talk on cults, Crowley and cross pollination between witchcraft and popular music.

Magic and music are as old as humanity, but organised witchcraft, a British cultural export whose influence has been felt all over the world, is younger than jazz. In this talk, illustrated with images, music and rare recordings, Mark Pilkington, writer and publisher of Strange Attractor press, explores British occultism's origins in the bohemian groves of late 19th century London, and charts its impact on popular music and some of its players, from the rock 'n' roll years through to the paradigm shift of punk. The emerging stories glow with transcendence, ripple with mystery, honk with absurdity and are all too often shadowed by tragedy.

The Wire and Sound And Music's Off The Page festival took place 24–26 February at The Playhouse Theatre in Whitstable.

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