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Below The Radar 07

Track 4

"Youth Is Wasted On The Young"

from the release Growing Pains 3

Michael Chapman writes: In 1998 I was on tour and played the Unitarian Church in Amherst, Massachusetts. I met Thurston Moore who asked me if I could persuade a few of the English singer-songwriters to send him three tracks each for him to play with in a studio in New York. I called Ralph McTell, Roy Harper, John Martyn, Mike Cooper, Wizz Jones and a few more. In the end only me and Wizz and Mike Cooper sent stuff. As far as I know, Thurston was working on the tapes with Jim O’Rourke when 9/11 happened on the doorstep and put an end to the project. Two tracks on the album represent part of what survived – this is one of them...
Recorded at Phoenix Studios and an unknown studio in New York, 1999.
Michael Chapman
Market Square