The Wire


Below The Radar 10

Track 11

"OGG Vorbis/Drummer One"

from a forthcoming release

Erikoisdance label statement:

The latest few Erikoisdance releases have been quite sophisticated affairs. Well balanced entireties of delicate of delicate, complex beauty even. Well, words like those will be of no use when trying to describe the 70 minute display of home-made electronic rawness that is the debut CDr of Sauce & Cop.

The duo-enigmatic or just unknown-turn having no style into a style of their own. The charming simplicity of their techno primitivism, always straightforward to the point of vulgarity and often unpretentiously lotek, is quite accurately portrayed in the medley here (both parts of which are heard on the record as separate, longer versions).

It took half an hour for TFC (the other 1/2 of the group) to pry the wrinkled up entrails of the cassette out of the player, after the tape snapped while digitizing the second part of the song (a 1996 home recording of an Elka rhythm machine). Hence the sped up effect at the end.