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Track 3


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Artist statement:

I create pieces like "Karmaesque" in quite a particular way. My main sound sources for this type of Hem track are FM synthesisers.

I've spent a lot of time experimenting with this system over the years, the instruments of the Yamaha DX/SY/FS series are incredible and highly underrated. They can produce very abstract, yet controllable sounds, which are ideal for this style of music. For "Karmaesque" I also included some recordings of a small metal box and a manipulated vocal sample.

I start by constructing a series of component sequences which integrate well with each other, then break them down in various ways. I then organise a randomised playback system for the resulting pieces.

During the recording process my main task is to adjust the tonal qualities of each sound and control the mix levels. This ensures that the recording is unique and unrepeatable. Each of the Hem pieces made in this way do rely on a system, but turn out differently according to external influences. "Karmaesque", for instance, is inspired by the video work of NY based artist Mika Rottenberg.

I produce other music differently as Geiom but my new album for Frijsfo Beats will feature both projects.