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Adventures In Modern Music 01 September 2011

September 2011

Adventures In Modern Music this week goes crate digging through Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen with writer, compiler and musician Chris Menist (Soundway, Dust To Digital, Finders Keepers), with 7"s from Waipod Petchsuphan, Kwanjit Siphajan, Raja Ali, Van Vi and more. Chris Menist will be spinning records at Dancing Time With Soundway in London 10 September. For more DJ dates, check here.

Waipod Petchsuphan
“Gan La Ya Free”
(Cat 7")

Duang Chaibondin
“Ya Leum Hug Kao”
(Phin Khaen 7")

Kwanjit Siphajan
“Tumboon Kan Terd”
(Two Birds 7")

Kobkul Wongsawad
“Lam Plearn Hug Num Banna”
(Star Records 7")

Sam Sak
"Pu Yai Lee"
(Three Cats 7")

Rayrai Na Koratch
"Klad Klane Nam Mun"
(Announcers 7")

Fatimah Al-Zaelaeyah
"Ya Mun Dakhal Bahr Al-Hawa"
(Sout Alfonoon Alshabyah 7")

Raja Ali
"Hom Bel Hawa Ya Nas Walaoni"
(Adlanphone 7")

Van Vi
"Luc Huyen Cam"
(Continental 7")

Traore Ablo & Melodie Volta

(CVD 7")

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