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Adventures In Modern Music 12 August 2010

August 2010

Retro-Activity special plus guest mix from Entr'acte, hosted by Derek Walmsley

Thee Moths
"So Many Different Suns"

(No label lathe cut 7")

Hype Williams

From Han Dynasty I
(De Stijl 7")

Lee Perry And The Upsetters
"Dub Plate Version"

From Dub Plate Pressure
(Pressure Sounds 7")

Keith Fullerton Whitman
"Generator 3"

From Generator
(Root Strata MC)

Douglas Leedy
"Entropical Paradise I"

From Entropical Paradise: Six Sonic Environments Created On The Moog Synthesizer And Buchla Modular Electronic Music System
(Creel Pone CD)

Rodolfo Caesar
"Lado I"

From A Arte Dos Sons
(Creel Pone CD)

Daniel Arfib

From Musique Numerique
(Creel Pone CD)

Party Trash

(No label download)


(No label download)


From Icarus
(Shdwply 7")


AK Wire Mix by Entr'acte
Extracted, edited and multitracked from live
recordings made at The Alibi, Dalston, on 5 May
2010 (Jo Thomas Alpha album launch party).
Includes excerpts from live sets (John Wall,
Jo Thomas, TB [Jacques Beloeil and Dennis Tyfus],
Lee Gamble) and DJ sets (Filter Feeder, Sheikh
Ahmed, Shelley Parker, John Wall)


Ernst Karel

From Heard Laboratories
(and/OAR CD)

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