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Adventures In Modern Music 14 February 2008

Hosted by Derek Walmsley


for all the lovers out there....

Astral Social Club

from Model Town In A Field Of Mud
(Textile CD)

Dabrye featuring AG
Get Dirty

(Ghostly Digital 12"/download)

Eskiboy featuring Flowdan
Spirit In The Beats

from Umbrella Vol 1
(no label CD)

Tickley Feather
Night Train

from Tickley Feather
(Paw Tracks CD)

Any And Every

from Debt Dept
(Paw Tracks CD)

The Original Trevor Watts Drum Orchestra

from Drum Energy!
(Hi 4Head Records)

Liquid Liquid
Sank Into The Chair

from Slip In And Out Of The Phenomenon
(Domino CD)

Liquid Liquid

from Slip In And Out Of The Phenomenon
(Domino CD)

William S Burroughs
We Are The Night Family

from Real English Tea Made Here
(Audio Research Editions 3xCD)

John Butcher
Soft Logic

from The Geometry Of Sentiment
(Emanem CD)

John Butcher/John Edwards
Plate XI

from Optic
(Emanem CD)

Butcher/Muller/van der Schyff
Gone, Goner

from Way Out Northwest
(Drip Audio CD)

Andy Stott
Fine Metallic Dollar

from Bad Landing EP
(Modern Love 12")

Benga & Coki

(Tempa 12")

The Chap
They Have A Name

from Mega Breakfast
(Lo Recordings CD)

When The Saints Go Marching In

from Buns And Gutter
(Gaffer CD)

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