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Adventures In Modern Music 15 July 2010

July 2010

Hosted by Derek Walmsley with special guest Dave Quam live on the phone from Chicago.

Roy Ayers

from Lots Of Love
(Universal Sound)

"Fucking Lame"

from Odd Future Tape
(no label)


from The Zip Files
(free download)


Dave Quam on the phone from Chicago, with Chicago Mix Part 1:

Jackmaster Funk
"Jack The Dick"

from Jack The Bass
(Trax 12")

Mark Imperial & Co
"She Ain't Nuthin' But A Hoe (Dissin' All Hoes 46th Street Dub)"

from She Ain't Nuthin' But A Hoe
(House Nation 12")

Terry Housemaster Baldwin
"The Bitch is Naggin Me (Nag Mix)"

from The Bitch is Naggin Me
(Dance Mania 12")

Steve Poindexter
"Work That Mutha Fucker"

from Work That Mutha Fucker
(Muzique Records 12")

Dave Quam's Chicago Mix Part 2

DJ Deeon
"House - O - Matics"

from Funk City
(Dance Mania 12")

DJ Milton

from Jack Traxx
(Dance Mania 12")

Jammin Gerald
"Move It"

from Factory Trax
(Dance Mania 12")

"Call It What You Want 2"

from Call It What You Want 2
(Dance Mania 12")


from Footwork
(Databass Records 12")

DJ Clent
"Back Up Off Me"

from Back Up Off Me
(Dance Mania 12")

Dave Quam's Chicago Mix Part 3

RP Boo
"Steam Midity"

(self released)

DJ Clent
"3rd Wurld"

from 100% Ghetto
(Dance Mania 12")

DJ T Rell

(self released)

"Dun Da Dunt"

(self released)

DJ Spinn
"Jazz 4 Ya Azz"


DJ Earl
"Rush Hour"


DJ Rashad
"Drop Juke Out"

(Juke Trax Online)


Hype Williams

from Hype Williams

David Bowie
"Station To Station"

from Station To Station

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