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Adventures In Modern Music 17 June 2010

June 2010

Special cassette-only show hosted by Derek Walmsley and Nick Richardson



from KGB Nights
(Catholic Tapes)

Meat Sweats
"Big Boss Level 1"

from Swolon Colon

Illusion Of Safety

from Repairs

JD Emmanuel
"Movement 1"

from Wizards
(North Star Productions)

Mark McGuire
"A Rainbow's Journey"

from The Garden of Eternal Life

Mark McGuire
"Something That's Troubling You"

from The Garden of Eternal Life

Duncan Cameron
Unknown Track

from Time/A Horseback Ride To The Sanctum Of Montu
(Catacean Nation Cassettes)

Black Joker

from Watch Out!
(Pacific City)

Skin Graft

from Brick In The Mouth Of A Corpse
(Deception Island)

Kazumoto Endo + Kazuma Kubota

from Live
(Noise Ninja Records)

The Rita/Werewolf Jerusalem

from Collaboration Collection
(Enemata Productions)

Kevin Drumm

from Malaise
(Hospital Productions)

Devil's Dung
"Griezzell Greedigut Is The Name Of My Inmp"

from Devil's Dung
(No Label)

Afric Simone
"Jumbo Jet"

from Ramaya
(Hästen & Korset)

Renaissance Sound/Tony Vegas and friends
Unknown Tracks

from Hotty Hotty 99
(Massive Mixtape)

Human Resources
"Debbie Fu"

from Fast Times
(House Of Paragon)

Jean Baudrillard

from Le Xerox Et L'Infini

Kommisar Hjuler
"Gaylord KL"

from Tanzprocesz-Sicherungskopie
(Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond)

John Clyde-Evans
"Solfaard Time Change"

from Go Gracious Kiki Change

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