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Adventures In Modern Music 30 July 2009

August 2009

Hosted by Susanna Glaser. With a special guest mix by Marc Richter of Dekorder


Live Show

from The White Album
(LoaF recordings CD)

Two Sunsets

from Two Sunsets
(Geographic CD)


from There Must Be a Sunrise In Every Ending
(12rec CD)

The Blue Cathedral

from Some Ambulance
(Benbecula CD)

The Orb
Baghdad Batteries

from Batteries: Orbsessions Vol. 3 - An Illustrated Handbook With Stereo Sound (Malicious Damage Records CD)

**** Special Guest Mix: Marc Richter (Dekorder/Black To Comm).

01. Wave UFO "Untitled" (previously unreleased/2009)
02. Van Oehlen "Intro (Of The Damned)" from "We Are Eggsperienced" CD (Blue Chopsticks/1998)
03. A Phantom Payn Séance "No Need To Catch A Spirit In Revolving Doors" from "Telegraphic Grooves From A Dead Mailbox" LP (Hidden/1995)
04. 39 Clocks "Art Minus Idiots" from V/A "Klar und Wahr" Cassette (Das Büro/1982)
05. The Cocoon "Ventilator Change Into Airplane" from "While The Recording Engineer Sleeps" LP (Wilhelm Reich Schallspeicher/1989)
06. Wooden Veil "Red Sky" from "Wooden Veil" LP (forthcoming on Dekorder/circa October 2009)
07. Cpt. Kirk & "Puscher" from "Reformhölle" LP (What's So Funny About.../1992)
08. Workshop "Großer Terpentinsee" from "Yog Sothoth" 2LP (Sonig/2004)
09. Mutter "Die Erde Wird Der Schönste Platz Im All" from "Hauptsache Musik" CD (Die Eigene Gesellschaft/1994)
10. Mäuse "Il Pullover" from "Mäuse" CD (Gig/1994)

Mixed with field recordings from Hamburg and the Black Forest, Southwest German "Guggenmusik" and extracts from:
David Lynch "Ants" from Mutter's 1991 LP "Komm" (What's So Funny About...)
Mäuse "Nehmen Sie Ihren Verlausten Arsch Von Meinem Sofa" & "Für Wärme Und Gegen Wohnraumvernichtung" (Gig/1994))
and more Wave UFO noises/electronics...


Catch It!

from Kitsch
(Maybe Mars CD)

Tickley Feather
“I’ve got magic inside my bones somewhere”

from Hors D'Oeuvres
(Paw Tracks CD)

Nancy Elizabeth

from Wrought Iron
(Leaf CD)

Like A Stuntman
Wake Up William Blake

from Original Bedouin Culture
(Bureau B CD)

Floating Points
J&W Beat

(Planet Mu promo single CD)

Hudson Mohawke

from Wild Angels (compiled by Mary Anne Hobbs)
(Planet Mu promo CD)

Mungolian Jetset
They Came From The Stars vs Mungolian Jetset

Moon Song (The Gospel According To Mung)/2012 Live (The Hacienda Version)
from We Gave It All Away... And Now We Are Taking It Back!
(Smalltown Supersound CD)

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