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Adventures In Sound And Music 17 April 2014

April 2014

Hosted by Chris Bohn, this week’s broadcast is devoted to The Compiler feature in The Wire 363 about collections and collecting. Featuring tracks from the anthologies, a-chronologies, mixtapes and lists covered in the piece, taking in music from Europe, Africa, North America, Australasia and the Far East.

Every Thursday 9–10:30pm (GMT), 104.4FM for Londoners, streamed live at

Goro Yamaguchi
“Koku-reibo (A Bell Ringing In The Empty Sky)”
from Shakuhachi Music: A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky

The Honeymoons
“The Formula Of Silence”
from Welcome To Dreamland (Another Japan)

“Solo On The Köni Fiddle”
from Vietnam: Music Of The Montagnards
(Le Chant Du Monde)

Mr Salat
from Longing For The Past

“Queen Shikwambi”
from Soweto
(Zensor/Rough Trade)

Saul Malapane and Mr King Jeru
“Here We Come”
from Soweto
(Zensor/Rough Trade)

“Sing Mir Ein Kleines Arbeiterkampflied"
from Als Die Partisanen Kamen

“Cries And Blisters”
from Pussy Riot Freedom Compilation
(Female Pressure)

Johanna M Beyer
“Music Of The Spheres”
from New Music For Electronic And Recorded Media
(1750 Arch)

David Rodigan
“David Rodigan versus Luv Injection, Birmingham 1998”

Karola Stocha Oryginalna Muzyka Goralska
from Folk Music In America Vol 4: Dances, Reels and Polkas
(Library of Congress)

Hezekiah Jenkins
“The Panic Is On”
from Folk Music In America Vol 10: Songs Of War And History (Library Of Congress)

Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos
from Xpressway=Pileup

Lloyd Scott And His Orchestra
“Symphonic Scronch”
from Chris Barber Collection

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