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Adventures In Sound And Music 18 October 2012

October 2012

Hosted by Frances Morgan, with a special show looking at Scandinavia's early electronic and musique concrète scene, including a recent reissue by Kåre Kolberg and tracks by Rune Lindblad and Elsa Marie Pade among others. Plus, new music by Holly Herndon, Old Apparatus and more.

Kåre Kolberg

from Electronic Works 1970–73

Rune Lindblad
“Glaciär” (1975)

from Predestination

Rune Lindblad
“Nocturne” (1958)

from Death Of The Moon: Electronic & Concrète Music 1953–1960

Rune Lindblad
“Hälften Av Någonting/Tora” (1972)

from Objekt 2: Electronic And Concrete Music 1962–1988

Kåre Kolberg
“Keiserens Nye Slips”

from Electronic Works 1970–73

Else Marie Pade
“Symphonie Magnetophonique”

from Og Symphonie Magnétophonique

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin
“Vaccination (For Thomas Mann)”

from Instrumental Tourist

Holly Herndon

from Movement
(RVNG Intl)

Old Apparatus

from Harem
(Sullen Tone)

Chancha Via Circuito

from Río Arriba


from Smallhans
(Smalltown Supersound)

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