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Adventures In Sound And Music 19 February 2015

February 2015

Listen to last week's show on London's Resonance FM, hosted by Chris Bohn. Tracks by Peter Brötzmann/Jim O’Rourke/Keiji Haino, JA Seazer, Tori Kudo, Gasper Claus, Shimettainu, Hiroaki Minami and others

Peter Brötzmann/Jim O’Rourke/Keiji Haino
“One Fine Day”
from Two City Blues

JA Seazer
“August 1970”
from The Young Person’s Guide To JA Seazer
(Disk Union)

Tori Kudo
“Tokyo Blues”
from Enka Mood Collection

Gasper Claus
“First Contact #1 With Sachiko M”
from Jo Ha Kyu
(Modest Launch)

“Track 10”
from Shimettainu Album 2011.11

Hiroaki Minami
“Chaos (1966–2012)”
from Obscure Tape Music Of Music Vol 19: Kumo No Ito (The Spider's Thread)
(Edition Omega Point Archive Series)

Akira Ifukube
“Godzilla At The Ocean Floor”
from Godzilla OST

Tori Kudo
“Mu Ji Ge” 7"
(No label)

Oki & Misako Oshiro
“Minami To Kita”
from Oki Meets Misako Oshiro
(Tuff Beats/Crosspoint)

Junzo Suzuki
“A Certain Killer’s Key”
from 7
(Plunk’s Plan)

“Oxygen (Live At Primavera)”
from Oxygen Limited Edition Japanese CD Single
(Young God/Mute)

Der Plan
“1 Man, 1 Ball”
from Es Ist Eine Fremde Und Seltsame Welt

James Carr
“The Dark End Of The Street”
from You Got My Mind Messed Up


Music good. Presenters terrible!

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