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Adventures In Sound And Music 20 December 2012: Music From The Lost Worlds special II

January 2013

David Toop and Derek Walmsley follow up last year’s ethnographic music special Music From The Lost Worlds (20 October 2011).

This special edition of Adventures In Sound And Music returns to the collection of writer, musician and Wire contributor David Toop, with selections including his personal field recordings of Yanomami shamanism from southern Venezuela in 1978, vinyl and cassettes of Papua New Guinea flying witch music and live beetle jews harp, drum and fife from Japan and Mississippi, ritual flutes from Amazonas and Waka music from Nigeria. David joins Derek Walmsley in the studio to play selections from his formidable archive and to talk about these lost sounds and their place in the modern world.

All artists are uncredited and tracks untitled, unless otherwise stated

"Flying Witch Music"
Papua New Guinea, Sepik River, Abelam, Iatmul and Wam people – 2 versions.

Live beetle jews harp
Papua New Guinea

Sirlehe: harvest music of 10 wind instruments
Tchad, Toupouri music, recorded 1966 in Daoua, southwest Mayo-Kebbi region.
from Anthologie De La Musique Du Tchad

Fila dance
Ethiopia, Gidole people, recorded by Ragnar Johnson, 1971.
from Musiques Ethiopiennes

Flat gongs
Vietnam, Mnong Gar, ethnic minority highland people near Dalat, recorded 1958
from Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam

Yanomami rain song, recorded by David Toop, 1978
Yanomami shaman, as above.
Yanomami wayamou duet, as above

Korean sacred chanting
(JVC Japan)

Music of the Cardomom Mountains, Samre people, Cambodia
recorded 1964 in a monastery by Jacques Brunet
from Cambodge
(Disques Alvares)

"Music for the Hanging of a Minister"
Cameroon, Bamoun people, recorded 1957, Palace of Foumban
from Danses Et Chants Bamoun

Folk ceremonies
(JVC Japan)

Lonnie Young, Ed Young, Lonnie Young Jr.
“Hen Duck”, recorded by Alan Lomax, Como, Mississippi, 1959
from Sounds Of The South

Japanese folk ceremony/festival music
(JVC Japan)

Sid Hemphill & Lucius Smith
recorded by Alan Lomax
from Sounds Of The South

Japanese folk ceremony/festival music
(JVC Japan)

Salawa Abeni and her Waka Modernisers
“Eni Tori Ele Ku”

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