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Adventures In Sound And Music 21 April 2016

April 2016

Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM, hosted by Shane Woolman. Featuring tracks by Deep Street Soul, Mia Zabelka, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Hanetration, Kerrier District, and others.

"Sometimes It Snows In April"
from Parade
(Paisley Park/Warner)

Ewa Justka
from Efhksjerfbeskj
(Conditional Records)

"Your Love (One In A Million)"
from The Sound: Vol.1
(Lit City Trax)

"Teeth And Rivers"
from Instinct And Memory

from Coiled Fire EP
(via Bandcamp)

Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou and Ensemble
"Ouakha dial Kheir Women's Chorus (Tahala)"
from Music Of Morocco: Recorded By Paul Bowles, 1959

Kerrier District
"Let's Dance And Freak"
from Kerrier District

"Nec Mergitur"
from The Wire Tapper 40
(The Wire)

The Jazzfakers
from Hallucinations
(Alrealon Musique)

Musical Youth
from The Midlands Roots Explosion Volume 2
(Reggae Archive Records)

Carlos Niño and Friends
"It's All Happening" (featuring Madlib, Jamire Williams, Dexter Story & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
from Flutes, Echoes, It's All Happening!
(Leaving Records)

Deep Street Soul
"Messin' With Me"
from Come Alive!
(Freestyle Records)

"Road 777" (Daniel Sefanik Remix)
from Road 777 EP Remixed Part 1

Mia Zabelka
"M2 4"
From M2

William Burroughs
"Excerpts From Nova Express - Track 3"
from Call Me Burroughs
(Superior Viaduct)

from Facticity
(Infrastructure New York)

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells
"To The Full Extent Of The Law"
from Koheleth
(Glass Thought Communications)

Komora A
from Crystal Dwarf
(Monotype Records)

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