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Adventures In Sound And Music 24 January 2013

January 2013

Hosted by Frances Morgan, with tracks by Alasdair Roberts & Friends, Richard Skelton, Art-Errorist & Acid Cobra, Antony Milton and more.

Alasdair Roberts & Friends
“Brother Seed”
from A Wonder Working Stone
(Drag City)

Richard Skelton
from Limnology (excerpt)
(Corbel Stone Press)

Art-Errorist & Acid Cobra
from Cold Waters

Antony Milton
“Ferment Fizz” or “Solar Police”
from Black Night Burning

Douglas Moffat
from Montréal Phonographe (excerpt)
(The Dim Coast)

Kokobu Senju
“Part 1” (excerpt)
from Joining The Queue To Become One Of Those Ordinary Ghosts

Ensemble Pearl
“Ghost Parade”
from Ensemble Pearl
(Drag City)

“Heilagur Draugur”
from Lítiõ Fólk

Angus Carlyle and Rupert Cox
“From Over The Perimeter Wall”
from Air Pressure

from The Man Who Died In His Boat

“Don’t Lean On Door”
from Ocean Parkway

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