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Adventures In Sound And Music 26 July 2012

July 2012

Hosted by Derek Walmsley, with tracks from Chris Forsyth, Don Cherry Quintet, Joe Colley, JJ Doom, Terror Danjah and more.

Chris Forsyth
"The First 10min Of Cocksucker Blues"

from Kenzo Deluxe
(Northern Spy)

Dennis Brown
"Tenement Yard"

from Truth And Rights Observer Style

Don Cherry Quintet
"Cocktail Piece (First Variation)"

from In The Beginning 1963–64

"Unreleased Split 7" (2008)"

from Hylyt: Rejected Recycled Revised Recordings 2009–2011

Philip Sanderson

from Hollow Gravity
(Puer Gravy)

Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips

from We Are None Of Us
(Misanthropic Agenda)

Joe Colley
"Triptych For Paranoia Calibration"

from Anthem
(Misanthropic Agenda)

"Re-entry With Entity"

from Husk

JJ Doom

from Key To The Kuffs

JJ Doom

from Key To The Kuffs


from The Archive
(Q Recordings)

Stefan Goldmann
"Carrior Crow"

from 17:50

Terror Danjah
"Fruit Punch"

from Dark Crawler/Fruit Punch

Sensate Focus

from FOCUS 3.33333333333333333
(Sensate Focus)

Mark Fell

from Sentielle Objectif Actualité
(Editions Mego)

Dusk + Blackdown
"Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak)"

from Dasaflex

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