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Adventures In Sound And Music 27 November 2014

November 2014

Listen to last night's show on Resonance FM, this week hosted by Daisy Hyde. With tracks by Takayuki Hashimoto, Ocean Floor, A Taut Line, Giant Claw, Sully, Frisk Frugt and more

Takayuki Hashimoto
“Sound Drops”
from Sound Drops
(Nomart Editions)

Ocean Floor
“Glowing Circles”
from Jupiter
(Zam Zam Records)

Pick A Piper/Love Cult
from Pick A Piper/Squalloscope/Love Cult EP
(Full Of Nothing)

A Taut Line
“Bamboo Holography”
from Bamboo Holography/Freeze Roll

Giant Claw
“Soft Channel No 1”
from Below The Radar exclusive
(The Wire)

“Concord (Banshee Remix)”
from Concord/Inroads
(Hsuan Records)

“Steve Reich's Ice Cream Van (Remixed By Mark Fell)”
from Applied Remixes
(Dust Science Records)

Sister OM Terrell
“Life Is A Problem”
from Sister OM Terrell
(Death Is Not The End)

Sister OM Terrell
“Lord I Want You To Lead Me On”
from Sister OM Terrell
(Death Is Not The End)

Kemper Norton
“Helston91 (TVO Ghost Key remix)”
Previously unreleased
(Front And Follow)

Cadell featuring Grimey
from Watch & Learn – The Mixtape

Mike & Cara Gangloff
“Rocking In A Weary Land”
from Black Ribbon Of Death, Silver Thread Of Life

Strange U
from Aliens In Suits EP
(Par Excellence)

Frisk Frugt
“Omdrejningsmusik Solens Mekanik”
from Den Europæiske Spejlbue

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