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Adventures In Sound And Music 27 September 2012

September 2012

Hosted by Derek Walmsley. This week's show is built from reworks/recyclings, with music and sounds from Lee Gamble, Lorenzo Senni, Boris Hegenbart, Michael Pisaro and more.

Michael Pisaro
"Silent Cloud"

from Tombstones

Cults Percussion Ensemble
"Autun Carillon"

from Cults Percussion Ensemble

Alfonso Lovo
"La Bomba De Neutron"

from La Gigantona

Lorenzo Senni

from Quantum Jelly
(Editions Mego)

Lee Gamble

from Diversions 1994–1996

Boris Hegenbart

from Instrumentarium

Shadow Ring
"Evil & Good"

from Remains Unchanged

Shadow Ring
"Squawk With Me"

from Remains Unchanged

Shadow Ring
"Birds & Booze"

from Remains Unchanged

Florian Hecker
"Chimerization (English)" (excerpt)

from Chimerization (English)
(Editions Mego)

ZZ Top

from La Futura
(American Recordings)

Kevin Drumm
"Relief" (excerpt)

from Relief
(Editions Mego)