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Adventures In Sound And Music 28 November 2013

December 2013

Listen again to last week's instalment of The Wire's regular Thursday evening slot on Resonance 104.4 FM, hosted by Daisy Hyde and featuring tracks by Lee Fraser, Dawson-Davies, Black Dirt Oak, The Shaggs and many more.

Lee Fraser
"Thews And Limbs (Part 1)"
from Dark Camber

"On The Up Platform At Morpeth Station"
from Hen Ogledd

Black Dirt Oak
"Crowning The Bard"
from Wawayanda Patent

The Shaggs
"That Little Sports Car"
from Philosophy Of The World
(The Shaggs)

The Shaggs
"My Pal Foot Foot"
from Philosophy Of The World
(The Shaggs)

The Doomed Bird Of Providence
"Boyd's Tower"
(forthcoming on Below The Radar Volume 15)

These Feathers Have Plumes
(Magic And Dreams)

Loud E
"Afrika Afrika"
from Y.O.Y
(Ambassador's Reception)

Harold Budd
"Abandoned Cities"
from Abandoned Cities
(All Saints)

Capital Letters
"Love The Dub"
from Reality
(Reggae Archive Records)

Dubmonger and LXC
"Dread This Land"
from Dread This Land/Dreader Than Land

Thug Entrancer
"Death After Life III"
from Death After Life

"Horse Gum"
from The Power & The Glory
(Perc Trax)

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