The Wire


Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Astrud Steehouder

May 2018

The Wire's weekly broadcast on Resonance FM. This show took place on 10 May and featured tracks by Sarah Davachi, Depeche Mode, Doris Norton, Wir and more

He Said
From Hail

“Ticking Mouth”
From The First Letter

Depeche Mode
From Black Celebration

Doris Norton
"Digital Processor"
From Automatic Feeling
(Nuova Era)

I Am Shodan
“System Shock 2 Showcase”

Tom Hall
“Vast Limitations”
From Spectra

Gabor Lazar
From Unfold
(Death Of Rave)

Ana Dall'Ara-Majek
“Pixel Springtail Promenade”
From Nano-Cosmos
(Empreintes Digitales)

Sarah Hennies
“Embedded Environments”

BBC Sound Effects
“Tropical Forest, West Africa At Dawn”/“Background Static To Echoes From The Moon”/“Weather: Wind, Magical Wind (Synthesised)”/“Weather: Thundery Rain, Heavy”

Pal Hwang Dan
“Dead Man”
From Saneopseonjip 산업선집

From Twenty-Nothing
(La Vida Es Un Mus)

From The Singles 1979–1984 Limited Version
(Real Gone Music)

Sandra Bell
From Net
(Drawing Room)

Kali Malone
“Arched In Hysteria”
From Cast Of Mind
(Hallow Ground)

Sarah Davachi
“Hours In The Evening”
From Let Night Come On Bells End The Day


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